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Novena Leasing  - WHS Induction for Contractors



The health and safety of all workers, including contractors on Novena Leasing premises is of utmost importance. As such, we would like to make sure you are familiar with our site rules, safety systems, facilities and what to do in the ase of an emergency or a WHS hazard or incident during your time at our site.


This induction must be completed by contractors and their workers engaged by Novena Leasing before contract work commences onsite.


Contractors and their workers do not require a WHS Induction if:

1. they have a Novena Leasing representative escorting them at all times

2. they are not doing construction and maintenance work

3. they are not doing work that has work health and safety hazards, such as installing electrical equipment.



Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone has a right to a safe workplace — and everyone has a role to play in keeping it safe. It's important that you understand what your rights and responsibilities are.


As a contractor, you have specific health and safety obligations and responsibilities including:

● taking reasonable care for your own health and safety.

● not doing anything that would negatively affect the health and safety of others.


When entering and working on Novena Leasing premises:

● take notice of the signs around the site, they will guide you on what you should and should not do. They also warn you if there are any hazards in the area that might endanger you or other workers.

● always be mindful of your health and safety and the health and safety of others.

● follow your company’s safe systems of work.



Workplace Hazards

Hazard is something that can cause you harm.

If you identify a hazard or are involved in an incident whilst working onsite at Novena Leasing, please report immediately to your manager or supervisor and to a Novena Leasing representative.



General Site Safety

Authorised Access Only Areas

There are specific areas on Novena Leasing premises that are ‘authorised access only’. These areas are clearly signposted by ‘authorised access only’ signage. The signage indicates to all persons on Novena Leasing premises that they are not permitted to be in a particular area unless fully authorised by Novena Leasing management. Novena Leasing ‘authorised access only’ areas include, but are not limited to:

● roof areas

● retention pond

Authorised access only applies to all contractors engaged by Novena Leasing to work onsite. This means that you can only access the authorised access only areas following authorisation from the Novena Leasing Maintenance Manager and/or owner.


Traffic Management

Vehicles and mobile plant moving in and around worksites are a cause of injury and death. Reversing, loading, unloading and pedestrian movement are the activities most frequently linked with workplace vehicle incidents. Where vehicles use shared areas or car parks, the movement and speed of vehicles must be managed in a way that minimises the risk of injury to pedestrians and those operating vehicles.

To ensure the safety of all persons onsite, Novena Leasing has a speed limit of 20kmph. Clear signage alerts all persons onsite to the speed limit. You must adhere to the speed limit when driving on Novena Leasing premises.



Contractors operating plant and equipment and/or carrying out ‘high risk work’ must have a valid license for the type of equipment they are operating and/or work being carried out, in accordance with relevant health and safety requirements.


Roof Access & Working at Heights

Any work that is conducted that presents a risk of a fall must be in accordance with Work Health and Safety regulations. Contractors undertaking work at heights on Novena Leasing premises must have Safe Work Method Statements to ensure their fall prevention controls are adequate. 

Working on a roof can give rise to a number and variety of high risk hazards that can lead to death and serious injury.

On Novena Leasing property, roof access is strictly authorised access only. A Roof Access Permit will need to be completed before any person may be allowed to access any roofs on Novena Leasing properties.

Novena Leasing roof access can only be authorised by Novena Leasing owner and/or Maintenance Manager.

Prior to granting roof access authorisation, Novena Leasing, at a minimum will require verification of the following:

● completion of working at heights training for each person requesting access to the roof;

● adequate safe system of work/safe work method statement identifying hazards associated with the access to and/or work on the roof, as well as risk control measures, including fall prevention systems in accordance with relevant WHS Regulations and Code of Practice: Managing the risk of falls at workplaces and other relevant guidance material;

● high risk work licence (if applicable), and any other applicable licences required in relation to the work to be carried out on the roof;

● certificate of currency for public liability insurance and WorkCover Insurance.


Behaviour Standards

All persons working at Novena Leasing premises should treat each other with respect and courtesy. Inappropriate behaviour, including bullying, harassment and violence will not be tolerated on Novena Leasing premises.


Drugs and Alcohol

Any Contractor engaged by Novena Leasing who is under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will not be allowed on site. Illegal or deleterious drugs are not allowed on site or for consumption on site.


Electrical Work

The most common electrical risks and causes of injury are:

● contact with exposed live parts causing electric shock and burns faults which could cause fires

● fire or explosion where electricity could be the source of ignition in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere

Exposure to these risks can result in death, shock or other injury caused directly or indirectly by electricity.


Due to the dangers associated with it, electrical work (whether energised or de-energised) must only be carried out by an appropriately licenced or otherwise authorised person. All electrical work must be carried out in accordance with electrical safety legislation and the electrical safety code of practice.



The contractor must not store any plant, equipment, chemicals or materials/supplies on site. We may give permission where appropriate.



Snakes are very common on worksites in warm weather. Typical areas where snakes are found are protected areas such as under buildings and near sheds, around rubble and stored materials, in boxes (e.g. electrical switch box), in the long grass – and it’s not uncommon for them to enter open unattended vehicles.

If a snake is encountered, it is best to remain completely still until the snake leaves. Watch where the snake goes – from a safe distance – and alert others to the hazard. Do not attempt to dispose of an apparently dead snake – firstly, it may not be dead; and secondly, dead and decapitated snakes can deliver a dangerous bite as their biting reflexes remain intact for some hours after death. Alert others to the hazard.

Contractors should always ensure first aid kits are available and readily accessible. Novena Leasing maintains first aid kits which include a compression bandage.


Incident Reporting

You should notify your manager immediately if you are involved in or witness an incident in the workplace. A Novena Leasing representative should also be notified of an incident that occurs onsite.

Novena Leasing has a system for recording and responding to workplace incidents. All incidents will be recorded in our compliance system - HR Assured.

There are some incidents that must be notified to Workplace Health & Safety Queensland. An incident is notifiable if it arises out of the conduct of the business and results in the death, serious injury or serious illness of a person or involves a dangerous incident.

If a notifiable incident occurs at Novena Leasing, we have an obligation to notify the regulator immediately after becoming aware that it has happened. Therefore, it is important that Novena Leasing management is informed immediately of an incident.

For notifiable incidents, we have a duty to ensure the incident site is preserved until an inspector arrives or directs otherwise (subject to some exceptions).


First Aid

Contractors are to have appropriate first aid kits on site either in vehicles or as a portable kit.

Novena Leasing ensures the provision of first aid services and emergency response, as and when required. Our vehicles and office are equipped with first aid kits. The Novena Leasing Maintenance Manager is the dedicated First Aider for Novena Leasing.


Emergency Response and Evacuation

Fire prevention, control and emergency evacuation is a requirement to ensure that people at the workplace can exit safely.

Novena Leasing has prepared a site evacuation plan that identifies site entrances and exits and the evacuation assembly points to ensure that all persons onsite have information about safe ways to exit the site in an emergency.

Contractors shall ensure its workers are aware of the sites emergency evacuation arrangements and shall ensure they follow all requirements in the event of such an emergency.

The site assembly point is located on the corner of Tapnor Crescent

induction site evac plan






Contractor Induction Test

To finish the Induction process, please complete the online test.

A PDF copy of the preceding Induction information is available for download >> Novena Leasing WHS Induction for Contractors - PDF


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