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Warehousing, Secure Hardstand, Container Storage


Novena Leasing is a commercial leasing company that manages a number of properties for the Elliott Property Trust. We have general industry holdings in Brendale, Queensland, and other holdings throughout Queensland and New Zealand. We have a variety of properties for lease including warehousing, commercial, retail, office, industrial land, rural land and residential.

We will design and construct and lease to your needs, subject to conditions. Land leases are also available for both rural and commercial properties. All land leases are long term (up to 60 years) subject to conditions, and we encourage clients who would like to construct their own buildings on our leased sites.


Queensland Bulk Storage is the hardstand, bulk storage and warehousing arm of our business. As our slogan says "Nothing too BIG to store". With over over 100,000 sqm (10 hectares) of secure site available to us we specialise in storing BIG Items - Cargo Containers, Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, Cranes, Site Camps, Caravans, RV's, boats etc.


Security is a priority at our facility. The whole area is security fenced, with CCTV and security patrols 24/7. However, access out of hours can be arranged with an e-mail or phone call, and our staff will attend the site to facilitate entry.


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